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Safe use and maintenance of brush cutter

NplusBK series lithium battery (power 2.5 kW) side-mounted brush cutters are equipped with a variety of working devices, which can be used for cutting shrubs, harvesting bamboo, and mowing lawns. They are widely used in forestry, gardening, and agricultural production. Brush cutters rely on high-speed rotating sharp blades to cut tree branches, vines or semi-lignified grass, and most of them work in poor environmental conditions. Therefore, it is particularly important to correctly grasp the use method to ensure the safety of personnel and machines.

1.Familiarity with the structure is the prerequisite for safe use. In order to use the machine safely, the user should carefully read the instruction manual of the machine to understand its structure, working principle, use method and safety rules. The more you know about the machine, the safer it will be to use it. BK series lithium battery brush cutters are side-mounted brush cutters. The hook on the back belt of the side-mounted brush cutter is hung on the side of the operator, and the machine is operated by holding the handle with both hands (see Figure 1). The motor of this type of brush cutter is located at the rear of the machine, and the power is transmitted to the reducer through a rigid shaft to drive the working parts to rotate for operation, so it is also called a hard shaft brush cutter. The angle between the handle and the drive shaft of the machine can be adjusted to suit operators of different heights and work on different slopes.

2. Pay attention to the technical status of the grinding of the blade and the installation of the machine, which directly affects the safety of use. Therefore, great attention should be paid to the inspection, adjustment and maintenance of the machine before and after use, so that the machine is always in a normal technical state, especially to make its working parts meet the specified technical requirements. The working parts of the brush cutter include integral, foldable and nylon rope mowers. Integral blades include 80 teeth, 8 teeth, 3 teeth and double-edged blades. The 80-tooth blade is for cutting shrubs, and the other blades are for cutting grass or vines. The double-edged blade can be used on both sides due to the symmetry of the two sides of the cutting edge, and it is also convenient to sharpen. The foldable blade (see Figure 2) consists of a cutter head, a blade, an anti-roll ring and a lower tray, and is specially used for mowing grass. 3 blades are installed on the cutter head. There are two cutting edges at both ends of each blade, which can be reversed and used. There is a long hole in the middle of the blade to adjust the elongation of the blade outside the cutter head. Use the long blade extension to mow tender grass. When the grass is older, the extension of the blade should be shortened.

3. No matter what kind of blade is used for operation, the cutting edge of the blade must be kept sharp to reduce cutting resistance, reduce operator fatigue, and avoid "knife jumping" accidents. For this reason, the blade should be sharpened in time. Under normal circumstances, brush cutters are equipped with special files, grinding wheels and sharpening devices, and operators should learn to use them correctly. The sawtooth angles required for grinding of circular saw blades include tooth throat angle β, tooth top angle a and tooth side angle i (see Figure 3). The recommended tooth throat angle for circular saw blades for cutting wood is 6-5°, the tooth top angle is 15°, and the tooth flank angle is 15°. The flank angle of the 3-edged and 8-edged blades for mowing grass is 20°. Double-edged blades and collapsible blades have a 45° bezel. In addition, if the saw blade is warped, it should be leveled on the flat plate. In order to avoid pinch sawing, the tip of the saw blade for sawing trees is shifted left and right relative to the two sides of the saw blade by a certain value, which is called the amount of material S. The new saw blade should use the feeder to dial out the amount of feed according to the requirements of the instruction manual. The cutting amount of the circular saw blade of the brush cutter is 2.5mm. The saw blade is installed on the power output shaft of the reducer with a reverse threaded nut and a spring washer. The collapsible blade is screwed to the cutter head. Before using the brush cutter, check the tightening condition of the nuts or screws. Flat washers are not allowed to replace spring washers when installing blades. This is because a sharp blade rotating at high speed can cause significant injury if it falls off the drive shaft.

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